We all have our own life goals. Personally, I have always had two interlinked targets that I want to achieve before I leave this planet. One is to impact the lives of millions of people with a platform, and the other is to save a life. It's ambitious, but it's part of my way to affecting society for the greater good even if it's only a slight nudge in the right direction.
In 2017, an uncle of mine required angioplasty and two more of my uncles received stents. This got me thinking - if someone close to me was to have a heart attack, what could I do to stop them? Research on the topic led me to another important question: where is my nearest defibrillator? As it turns out, nobody in my family knew the exact answer. There is no national map that displayed any information about the location of your nearest defibrillator, so I set about creating one.
All of the locations on the map are sourced manually by me, through the painstaking process of emailing businesses. I released the first version of the app DEFIBnow in 2017. During the pandemic, I took it upon myself to turn the app into a website, which can now be found at defib.live (the app is no longer on the App Store due to complications with Apple requiring me to be a registered organization).
Gif of Defib.live
Screen recording of defib.live
What started out as a summer project with around 60 defibrillators on the map, has turned into a public database with over 150 locations thanks to public submissions. My end goal is to turn this into a global database so that nobody has to ask themselves: where is my nearest defibrillator?
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